Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Wish You Were Beer

Do you drink beer?

Do you have a camera?

Do you have a funny turn of phrase?

If the answer’s YES to any of the above (although answering yes to at least the first question would definitely help) then we want to hear from you!

Where are you drinking our beer? Are you in Ilkley or Israel, Yorkshire or Yemen? Perhaps you’ve shared a glass with a celeb? Perhaps it was your reward atop a mountain peak? Do you have a funny story about drinking our beer? Maybe your baby always wears a brewery flatcap? Maybe you just want to share your opinion?

We will be offering a prize each month for the best tweet/facebook-mention regarding Ilkley Brewery Beers; be it a photo, a pun, a story or even a claim to be drinking it in the farthest flung reaches imaginable! Not only that, but each monthly winner will be entered into a draw to win a days brewing here at Ilkley Brewery!

Yes YOU can get involved in making some of our award-winning beer!!

On twitter simply start your tweet with #WishYouWereBeer and be sure to address the tweet to @IlkleyBrewery and on Facebook; just Like us on our new Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Ilkley-Brewery and share your post! Simples!

If you need some inspiration before you begin, we recommend supping on an Ilkley Brewery beverage. Have you tried our new seasonal ales Fireside Porter or American Brown Ale Triple A? Perhaps have a go on our Lotus IPA or Stout Mary, both new to bottle? And if your local doesn’t yet offer the delights of cask-conditioned ale – look out for our MJ Artisan craft-kegged range…

Bottoms up!

(although please don’t include any pictures of bottoms).

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